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Detroit is a town full of contradictions. The city is 80% black, the suburbs mostly white. The skeletal remains of downtown buildings are steps away from handsome new development and clever reuse. The Pistons play in the 'burbs, but people of all stripes converge on downtown when they win the NBA championship. We're a former murder capital full of individuals who make Detroit one of the most generous cities in the USA in supporting charity.

There are stunning cultural institutions and residential areas here, along with neighborhoods of burned-out houses and nightly gunfire. Many are happy weekday workers, day trippers or game dayers from the attractive, prosperous suburbs. Others have dedicated their lives to bringing Detroit back to its former glory.

What's clear is the forward motion: Downtown Detroit is slowly but certainly revivifying, drawing both businesses and residents. And like it or not, the city and suburbs are joined at the hip, rising and falling, to a large degree, together.

Motown is the unchallenged automotive capital of the world, and for millions, it's the musical capital as well. During the 1960s, Berry Gordy worked with assembly-line precision in bringing artists such as Diana Ross and the Supremes, Stevie Wonder, the Temptations and Marvin Gaye and their timeless pop music to the world. Today, musical superstars like Eminem, Kid Rock, Bob Seger, Anita Baker and Aretha Franklin, among others, live and work in metro Detroit.
Detroit has been known as the City of Champions, in reference to its venerable pro sports teams - the NHL's Red Wings, the NBA's Pistons, Major League Baseball's Detroit Tigers and the ever-humble Detroit Lions of the NFL.

The common denominator here, whether you're famous or not, is hard work. That certainly holds true for business, auto and otherwise, in metro Detroit as well.  This hard-working city is the nation's 10th largest. There are 911,402 residents inside the city limits and 5.4 million in the greater metro area. Approximately 16.4 million people visit each year - about half of them business travelers. Tourism is actually the second largest industry in Michigan, after cars.
The Tri-County Area consists of Wayne County, where Detroit (home to General Motors) and Dearborn (Ford Motor Co.) are located; Oakland County, where you'll find the massive DaimlerChrysler headquarters along with dozens of auto suppliers and the swath of tech companies called "Automation Alley"; and Macomb County, home of the sprawling General Motors Tech Center, Selfridge Air National Guard Base and a residential population boom.

Business is most active in Wayne and Oakland counties. Oakland is part of the northwest suburbs, which continue to build on their impressive business base and residential wealth. It's also one of the most affluent counties in the USA. Detroit and Dearborn are big business centers too, and another bustling corridor has sprung up in western Wayne County, west of Metro Airport.

Among the big non-auto-related companies that make metro Detroit their home base are: Kmart, Pulte Corp. and Compuware. In neighboring Washtenaw County, where Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan are located, you'll find the headquarters of Domino's Pizza and Borders Group Inc.

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